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We have occupied our present facility since May 2008. During construction, we re-used materials from our previous facility whenever possible. For example, our previous plate room was disassembled including the plexiglass storefront and then reassembled in the new space. In choosing new materials like carpet, ceiling and ceramic tiles, we required significant recycled content. Kalwall light panels were installed to provide natural light during daylight hours.

The space emphasizes efficiency and conservancy of resources. For example, minimum site lighting, dual switch lighting and motion-sensor lighting is utilized throughout the location. Low-energy HVAC was installed throughout the facility. When shipments are received, the warehouse space is isolated using pull down interior garage doors to reduce energy consumption.


Over 95% of our production waste is recycled. By partnering with Allied Waste Billings, nearly all of our paper waste, cardboard packaging, even office paper waste is recycled. Our offset presses operate using soy based inks. All printing plates are aluminum and 100% recycled. Also, the printing plates are processed using mineral recapture techniques which requires no special processing of used chemistry.

In December 2010, AlphaGraphics Billings installed the region’s first HP latex large format printer. This technology replaces solvent printers with their inherent environmental concerns.

FSC Certification

In 2008, AlphaGraphics became the first print firm in the region to obtain FSC certification. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international body whose mission is to promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. Chain of custody certification provides a guarantee about the production and path taken from raw material through manufacturing and distribution of these materials.

Many of our papers have the FSC designation which indicates they come from eco-responsible sources. In fact over 90% of our paper produced for digital printing is FSC certified.

AlphaGraphics is pleased to print the FSC designation on your print products indicating proper chain of custody of those paper sources from renewable sources. For more information visit fsc.org or contact AlphaGraphics.


Not only do we care about our forests, but we also care about our oceans. Along with other AlphaGraphics centers around the world, we’ve partnered with Earthwatch to help preserve our oceans. In support of Earthwatch’s Sustainable Oceans Program, AlphaGraphics serves as an official Ocean Ambassador, branding its sailing activities “Team AlphaGraphics Earthwatch.” This partnership combines the thrill of competitive sailing with ocean conservation.

To learn more visit earthwatch.org