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Mail & Fullfillment
Direct mail marketing is the one way you can capture the exclusive attention of your ideal customer and present them with a valuable opportunity to do business with you—All done in a creative, professional and memorable fashion.


Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten Fonts

Adding a personal note or hand labeled address gets your mail noticed. Separating the bar code and other postal markings from the address panel also makes an envelope more individual. A different color ink also sets the addressing apart from the rest of the message.
If you are using a mail list which may not include the recipient’s first and last name, consider a more friendly salutation. Recipients view the mail panel and form an opinion just before the piece is opened. At AlphaGraphics, we consider addressing and personalized labeling as important as the print piece itself.

Inkjet Address and Printing

Inkjet Address and Printing

AlphaGraphics has significant inkjet capabilties in our mail department beyond simple addressing. We have 6 inkjet heads each capable of printing ½” wide tracks over the length of the mail piece. These heads can be spaced into 3 locations. Blue, Black, Green or Red ink colors can be inserted into each of the heads. Here is an example to demonstrate:
Load a blank #10 envelope, print the return address and indicia in black ink with 2 heads, Print the address panel and a personalized message with 3 heads in blue ink. Print the bar code at the bottom of the envelope in black ink.



AlphaGraphics is capable of packaging and mailing small or large projects. We can easily configure our facility to receive pallet shipments from multiple vendors. Pack, label and ship for one time events or individually from a triggered event like customer based inquiries. Personalized labeling, messages or letters can also be included to enhance customer receipt.



Database Management

Database management tasks vary widely in complexity based on each individual project. Generally each list is processed through CASS certification and NCOA (National Change of Address) modules to confirm a deliverable address and correct recipient. Non-conforming records can be transferred to client for updating. Removing duplicates is also a typical service AlphaGraphics offers on all mailings. We also purchase a wide variety of lists, combine lists, update records , dedup kill lists and manage client mail lists. agMail also manages email records and survey responses.

Database management also includes a host of data mining activities for subsequent communication projects. All data is stored on-site on our password-protected file server system and 100% backed up off site.

Mail Preparation

Mail preparation begins with mail piece design to ensure we are producing the project in the most efficient manner possible and there are no surprises after the piece is printed. Complex projects will include a mockup and check off with USPS during the design process.

AlphaGraphics can insert, seal, inkjet, tab, match mail and virtually any other process required to prepare the project for USPS submission. We strive to not only deliver the project to the mail box, but get the piece opened and read by the recipient. Attention to the details like the proper tabbing placement and material, handwritten address fonts, personalized messaging in the address panel, pre-cancelled stamps vs. pre-printed indicias, etc. are all things considered to provide the best value and the highest return No one sweats these critical details like AlphaGraphics.

Package Handling

Package handling is the production process of gathering and packaging the materials for mail, shipping or delivery to the end user. AlphaGraphics makes daily delivery to the USPS, has daily pickups with UPS and scheduled pickups with Old Dominion and USF Reddaway. We are experts at preparing and shipping products throughout the United States and much of Canada. Our facility can receive shipments from multiple suppliers and comfortably accommodate order fulfillment for dozens, even hundreds of end users.