Personalized Communication

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Personalized Communication
When you communicate one on one in a personal fashion with pertinent information, your message gets noticed. AlphaGraphics can help tailor that message through email, web and print for maximium effectiveness. Want to get noticed? Start a personal conversation!


Cross Media - Self Promotion

Cross Media – Self Promotion

Sometimes the best way to understand a concept is to see an example start to finish. Although this self promotion is a few years old, it’s a great example of a cross media campaign using print, mail, email and the web to educate and entertain a customer. The project was produced entirely at AlphaGraphics Billings and even became a national award winner.

Fill in the blank

Fill in the blank

One of the great benefits of personalized communications is better customer engagement. One example AlphaGraphics has implemented several times is completing a form with known information. This not only allows for a simplified response, it also provides for more accurate data submission. One example is for voter registration and another would be an admission form for college.

Personal Calendars

Personal Calendars

Here is a product AlphaGraphics produces each year that is a real crowd pleaser and shows the power of personalized communication. We’ve just completed our fourth year of producing these calendars. Our most popular promotion.


AlphaGraphics has partnered with Mind Fire Inc and XMPie – two industry leaders in personalized communications. These partnerships allow our design services team the ability to customize email, web, print, qr codes, mobile marketing (web and SMS), solutions to an audience of one. XMPie uDirect Premier provides a sophisticated variable data print solution for one to one communications. The interface works through Adobe InDesign Creative Suite.

Personalized Print

Using a data list of prospective clients, our design team can build a printed piece that will get mailed to your customer’s doorstep. Just about anything can be customized to give each recipient a strong call to action based on personal touch.

PURLs (Personalized URLs)

Using that same data list, we can build and customize a mini-website designed to entice and create a response from potential new customers. Using a specific web address for every individual (added to the printed piece, or sent through email), users can visit their own site, interact and become involved. Text can be personalized (i.e. “Welcome John!” rather than “Welcome Guest!”) as well as images, colors, and layouts. Built into the PURL is a complete and comprehensive reporting engine that will not only let you know how powerful the response is, but allow you to contact users literally within seconds of interacting with their mini-site.


Using the same PURL, we can change what the user sees based on what device they’re visiting from. This means that when someone visits via their smartphone, they see a mobile-optimized version of the site that not only loads quicker and fits the screen but has the same personalized impact. Our mobile sites are built touch-screen friendly and take advantage of the latest advances in screen resolution and user interface tools.

Personalized Email

Customize a message with images and text to give your customers a reason to start a conversation with you. Names can be personalized for each individual, giving the personal touch required to create an intimate connection with a new customer. Email personalization also comes with a powerful reporting tool to allow you to analyze the response of your campaign.

QR Codes

QR codes (short for Quick Response) are small graphics with an embedded code that’s readable by any smartphone with a camera and QR Code reader app, and also can be available to those without a smartphone via the camera phone and text messaging. QR Codes can be a powerful tool in making a campaign easily accessible to users on the go! After generating personalized QR codes from a list of your prospects, they can be quickly and easily added to a printed piece. Customers with compatible phones can then scan the QR code and instantly be taken to their PURL. Coupled with a custom built mobile version, users can get the same benefits from their mini-site and you get the same powerful quick-response and reporting features. The design team also has the ability to customize your QR code with colors and a small image (such as a logo) in the center.