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Challenge us with your most demanding work; it’s no accident the leading creative and design firms in the region trust only one name for their print communications.


200 lines / Metal Plating

200 lines / Metal Plating

Offset printing is only as good as the printing plate. At AlphaGraphics, we only use aluminum plates (to eliminate image distortion) and we laser image at 200 lines per inch which provides 40,000 ink dots for every square inch of image area. Dot screening is based on Heidelberg’s patented Irrational Screening (IS) which makes moire problems a thing of the past. IS Heidelberg screening is by far the best AM screening system available and AlphaGraphics uses it on every offset print project we produce.

Custom Color Profiling

Custom Color Profiling

You can expect no-compromise digital color printing from AlphaGraphics with our 6 color Hewlett Packard Indigo press. The unit is maintained to impeccable standards with our factory trained on-site staff. That critical step yields high quality results which are virtually indistinguishable from our offset equipment. The system features custom color profiling that we employ for each client.

AlphaGraphics custom builds a specific profile for each customer, guaranteeing color accuracy on every project. Whether it’s a marketing presentation for a major client or a simple single color business card…everything matches, every time.

Breadth of Service

Breadth of Service

AlphaGraphics is the regional leader in print communication. We provide the most complete offset, digitial and pre-press capability package in our market. No competitor in our market space can make that claim. We offer this capability as a completely integrated solution. Our clients no longer need to choose a print method based on quality, turnaround time, etc.

They simply need to explain the project, present quantity and time lines. AlphaGraphics will then produce a quality project the most efficient way possible. Along the way we’ll provide ways to save money or make this and subsequent projects more efficient.


AlphaGraphics Billings has partnered with the leading graphic arts equipment suppliers to provide the most advanced equipment capabilities in the region. While many printing companies began as offset companies and are now converting some of their capabilities to digital equipment, AlphaGraphics has offered both digital and offset capabilities since 1994. We can print 10,000 pieces on our offset equipment or 5 pieces on our digital equipment and we challenge you to identify any difference!

Digital Color

AlphaGraphics Billings was the first company to install a Hewlett Packard Indigo print system in either Montana or Wyoming. The output quality is far superior to color laser digital printers. The machine is a liquid ink, fully variable output device which produces offset print quality. Our six color device is capable of printing 4 color CMYK with up to 2 spot colors, 6 color hexichrome, spot color and black only.

Full color 12×18 sheet size prints 72 impressions per minute. Black only 12 x 18 prints 240 impressions per minute. Production speeds are independent of stock thickness.


  • Perfect application for demanding short run book projects.
    With our xmpie variable software solution – 100% variable products can be produced.
  • Wide range of media – 40# book to 16 point board stock – coated, uncoated, synthetics, pearls.
  • Lut color profiles can be set and locked per client or project to achieve precise color consistency.
    * 12 x18” sheet size.
  • Light screens to heavy solids easily produced.

Offset Printing

AlphaGraphics offset printing department consists of 4 Heidelberg presses and our direct-to-metal pre-press/platemaking system. All printing plates are imaged using a Heidelberg Prosetter 74 at 200 line screen. Metal plating is far superior to polyester plating systems. AlphaGraphics not only achieves dot to dot registration from this method, but dot patterns for screens remain uniform from 1 to 99%. Heidelberg’s patented FM screening technology is used on all offset projects. Consumable costs for metal plating is no more expensive than poly plating and metal plates are 100% recyclable.

AlphaGraphics operates three PM46/2 printing presses for small format work (12 x18”) and a PM74-4p for half sheet work (20”x29”). The PM74 can perfect one and 2 color work (print 2 sides at once) and print 4 color work in one pass. The unit is equipped with autoplating and auto washing for extremely fast switch overs – a time and money saver. The 74 also has automated setup – the prepress operator in design services actually sets sheet size and startup ink key settings, allowing the press operator to concentrate on fine tuning the project for perfect results. The machine routinely prints at 13,000 impressions per hour.

AlphaGraphics elected not to install inline coating. Superior second pass register allows routine flood and spot varnishes as well as 5 and 6 color spot work with better results than inline methods. An offline UV coating System is also available for finishing.

Digital Black & White

The Xerox Nuvera 120 is our black and white production workhorse. This unit incorporates the Xerox ea-based toner system capable of producing up to a 150 line screen. This mean photos and graphics are sharp with excellent gradients and no banding. The Nuvera can print on a 12 x 18” sheet with excellent results on both coated and uncoated stock.


  • 120 impressions per minute
  • Wide range of stocks
  • Full variable processor at quick speed
  • 1.5 million impressions per monthly duty cycle

Document Services

AlphaGraphics has expanded its legal services and renamed the department Document Services. Document Services is capable of reproducing black and white and color documents in a secure environment. Legal documents can be copied or scanned, then quality checked for accuracy and readability. Document Services offers flexible staffing of up to 5 employees to accommodate large jobs with demanding time lines.

This department also serves the needs of while-you-wait document work, short run presentations and all digital archiving projects. Equipment includes 3 Canon IR digital black/white machines, a Xerox 242 color copier/printer, a Fujitsu black/white and color duplex scanner, Canon DR7550c high volume scanner and a 36” wide K&E large format black/white copier.